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Processing of sea cucumber (sea cucumber processing technology)

Author:lelejia Date:2011/2/6 21:08:07
Now sea cucumber processing is divided into: Instant sea cucumber, dried sea cucumber salt, sugar, dried sea cucumber, dried sea cucumber light, salted sea cucumber (sea cucumber salt cylinder), and vacuum freeze-dried sea cucumber. For the average consumer is concerned, to fully understand the various terms of sea cucumber is more difficult, such as what is salt dried sea cucumber, dried sea cucumber what is light, what is the plant ash and other parameters, processing of sea cucumber processing enterprises are now many ways, but the real science method is not a lot, so a direct impact on the quality of sea cucumbers, sea cucumbers can cause loss of nutrients,
Unsightly appearance, weight was significantly less than the other, the surface color is poor, large salt, not full, the profit decreased significantly, which is mainly due to incorrect processing and use of poor equipment. We are in the Baidu search sea cucumber processing technology, there will be a lot of processing methods, different opinions, so methods are simple earth approach, we do not to imitate, a defense is unnecessary to our loss, the following is in the Baidu search to methods.
Cooking reference: to the internal organs of live sea cucumber washed into a large pot of boiling water and cook for 30 minutes until the reference Pippi tight, when you remove the hard thorns. Cook ground when turning and remove the floating foam, attached to the bottom of the sea cucumbers to prevent the skin. Pickled: The sea cucumber cool thoroughly cooked, the salt and mix well pour into a large Cigang, Gangkou seal with a thick salt, pickled for 15 days after the cylinder. Pickling process should be inspected once every few days, if found sea cucumbers fever, red soup, salt, or back to the pot immediately, such as the normal, check the remains after salt cap.
Baking parameters: the pickled ginseng soup with 15% of the salt into the pot boil, and then participate in 30-50 minutes under the pot and keep turning, remove the reference immediately when the surface was dry, and a salt crystal, you can pan and found that participants have blisters on the body should be immediately punctured. Mixed with ash: the participation of the baked hot plus gray, black and colored as the sea cucumber done fast, preferably oak and pine wood carbon-carbon ground into the dust. Ash can also be used, but mixed with a lighter body color parameters and dry slowly. .
Dried in the sun: the participation of the mix to dry ash, every 2-3 days to recover library resurgence repeated 3-4 times until fully dry, is finished. Processed into a rate, per 100 kilograms of fresh workers to participate in about 6 kilograms of dried ginseng. The state parameters of the salt content of dry salt, not more than 50%, but many worked to increase the weight of a flooded repeatedly boiled with salt again, each repeated once, as the weight can be increased by 1. This argument is very poor quality.
So what is the correct process it, Lele home after years of experiments show that a good process will give you a huge profit, but also make your exclusive brand products in the market, at home after Lele years of research and development, to produce for the characteristics of sea cucumber sea cucumber with special low-temperature processing of dehydrated sea cucumber plant, and developed a set of perfect sea cucumber processing technology, after years of practice shows that the use of a large number of sea cucumber brand, has been very good evaluation and processing of sea cucumbers is not only the color is good, full and high, beautiful appearance, especially in the weight of the soil than the other methods was much higher, nutrients will not be destroyed,
Lele companies have for many domestic enterprises to provide a sea cucumber sea cucumber processing processing technology and supporting the use of sea cucumber processing plant, have been customers of this year, but also for foreign clients at home Lele sea cucumber processing technology has made tremendous contribution in the domestic sea cucumber processing industry, Lele home with professional and technical personnel and location of the city of Dalian sea cucumber, sea cucumber processing equipment account for the domestic enterprises and the export rate in the first. Please contact Lele sea cucumber processing companies, we will provide you with a perfect process.